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Personal Injury Attorneys

A Personal Injury Attorney or a Personal Injury Lawyer provides legal assistance to anyone that has sustained a personal injury due to the negligence of another party. A Personal Injury is a legal term that defines and injury to the mind, body or emotion. A Personal Injury Attorney also handles many other types of tort negligence. Personal Injury Lawyers handle cases involving car accidents, wrongful death, property damage, workplace injury, oil field injury, or many other types of Personal Injury.

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What is a Board Certified Texas Personal Injury Lawyer?

The State of Texas recognizes and certifies a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer. Attorneys or Lawyers that have received the certification in Personal Injury will generally display their Board Certified Badge on their website and will display their area of certification. In the case of Personal Injury, the attorneys that have been certified as a Personal Injury Lawyer will have the category of specialization just below the badge and will list the Personal Injury Lawyer as “Personal Injury Trial Law.” The process of becoming a Board Certified Texas Personal Injury Lawyer requires a great deal of expertise in the area of Texas Personal Injury Law. Although any lawyer licensed to practice law in the State of Texas can call themselves a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer or Texas Personal Injury Attorney, only Board Certified Texas Personal Injury Attorneys can are allowed to display the Board Certified badge and refer to themselves as Board Certified Texas Personal Injury Lawyers. This distinction allows the public to know that a lawyer has met the difficult requirements of the State of Texas to be certified as a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer. These limited number of lawyers are able to call themselves Board Certified Legal Experts.